Beginning Players and New Members

Games for Less experienced players

The club offers a number of games you can choose from:

  • Monday evening - "Talking game" for novices 0-20 MP with coaches (begins Nov 14)
  • Tuesday evening - All players must have fewer than 250 Masterpoints
  • Wednesday evening - Master / Non-Master
  • Thursday afternoon - Master / Non-Master
  • Thursday evening - 0-100 stratified game, with chairside coaches and discussion of hands
  • Mentorship Program

    The Saskatoon Bridge Club has a Mentorship program which matches players who want assistance with more experienced players. More Information about the Mentorship Program


    We are affiliated with the Canadian Bridge Federation and the American Contract Bridge League. The ACBL is divided into 25 geographic districts. Our club is in Unit 575 (Northern Saskatchewan) and District 18 which covers Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. WASUMI web page

    Bridge Lessons

    The club offers Bridge Lessons beginning each September and January.

    There are also on-line Bridge Lessons:

  • ACBL Learn to play Bridge
  • Larry Cohen Learning Center
  • Richar Pavlicek Bridge Basics
  • Types of Games

  • Open Any two players can compete as partners - no restrictions of any kind.
  • Master / Non-Master One member of each pair must have fewer than 250 MPs (Wednesday evening) or fewer than 100 MPs (Thursday afternoon)
  • Seniors The Monday morning game is for players aged 55+
  • Stratified Most club games are Stratified. The field is divided into two or three strata based on player's masterpoints. All pairs are ranked when computing the overalls in the top stratum. The pairs in the top stratum are then eliminated, and rankings are calculated for the pairs remaining, and so on. It is possible for pairs in the second and third strata to place in a higher stratum, but pairs in the top stratum can only place in the top stratum.
  • Strati-Flighted On Wednesday and Friday Afternoons, players with fewer than 500 MPs play in a separate section. Both Sections are Stratified.
  • Swiss Teams  A partial Round-robin setup so that winners play winners and losers play losers. After each round, the director sorts the team records and sets up new matches between teams of approximately equal records. At the end of a match (typically 7 boards), the East-West pair returns to their home table to compare scores with their teammates. Scores are converted to International Matchpoints (IMPs). The IMP scale is printed on the ACBL convention card.