The purpose of the Bridge Mentoring Program is to mentor aspiring bridge players by guiding their growth in all aspects of the game.
A program is being launched at our Bridge Club.
You are invited to review all of the material included on this website. You will find the following:

  • Bridge Mentoring Program - Key to Success
  • Registration Form
  • Club Information and Agreement Sheet
  • The design of the program features:

  • Involving as many people as possible
  • Keeping a record of partnerships
  • Encouraging partnerships beginning at the 49 master point level, for example, the 49er would mentor a 0 to 5 player, the 99er would mentor the 49er, the 199er would mentor the 99er and so on.
  • Having partnerships play together at least twice a month to start
  • Providing information to guide successful partnerships
  • Encouraging mentees to become mentors.
  • To get involved, submit a registration form to become a mentor or mentee; submit a form including a partnership you have formed; or contact Claire Cook or Peggy Lyell.